Rules update and NC Race Week Info!

Rules update and NC Race Week Info!

NC Raceweek Info



Beginners and Box Stock teams.  The fuel sample will come from the Gran Prix gas station located at 641 N Main St, Troutman, NC 28166, which is directly across the street from the fairgrounds entrance.  We highly suggest you buy your fuel there on race day or you will chance not meeting the benchmark and being called wrong.

Intermediate and Open teams are allowed to run either Hoosier or Burris tires for this week’s events.  On September 21st you will have to be back on Hoosiers.

Sunday for the Millbridge Showdown for the open division instead of a Dash we will do a pole shuffle. Either the winner or top 2 from each heat race (depending on kart count) will be locked into this.  Each session will be 2 laps the winner moves on to the next session.  More details will be announced on Sunday for this.

Fair parking is extremely tight and the curfew at the fair constrains us.  That is why our schedule is the way it is split up into different nights.  When coming to the track please be patient with us as parking the trailers is a puzzle to get everyone to fit.  We have asked some of you with big trailers to come a little early so we can get you parked and out of the way.  Once we get those parked everyone else can come in and get parking.  The gate times very so if you could check out the schedule we posted before and make sure not to come to early as it will be a disaster trying to keep everyone out of the way.



NEW RULES Bulletin:

These all go into effect immediately.


Our beginner/box stock wing measurements are all listed in our rule book.  There is a +/- 2 inches on these.  This measurement includes the lip that sticks out.  Weather it is a 90* 45* or whatever, we will include it while measuring the wing side boards.  The lip can be no larger than 1 inch and can only have 1 bend in it (they may have a 180 bend as well to keep from having a sharp edge).

Protest Rules 

For any protest the team must finish inside the top 4 to protest.  No finisher outside the top 4 will be allowed to protest.  Each team is only allowed 2 protest per season.  Intermediate class protest fee will be $250 to protest.  The team being protested must pay $50 to “accept” the protest.  The $50 fee will go to the tech man for checking the parts in question.  The $250 goes to the team that wins the protest.  Beginner and Box Stock classes will be $150 to protest and $50 to accept.

Rear axles must have solid hubs mounted on them.  No Floating type hubs or Ratcheting hubs allowed!

Unsportsmanlike Conduct is not permitted at or about any Millbridge Speedway event.  Fighting will result in a suspension and disqualification of the kart and driver of any team that starts a fight.  We ALL do this for fun.  There is no place for fighting or unsportsmanlike conduct at ANY of our events and it will not be tolerated.    This goes for at the track events, social media, verbal abuse towards our officials, drivers and all crew members in the pits.

Tech area rules.

Protest must be accepted within 5 minutes of the drop of the checkered flag.  Only 2 team members and driver are allowed in the tech area at any time.  The designated tech area will be marked off.

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