Track Info
About the promoters:
Jeremy Burnett grew up in Fenton Missouri.  He grew up in the asphalt karting world following his brother Randys racing career.  Jeremy, his late father, and his brother moved to North Carolina in 1999 to follow his brothers dream of working in racing.  Ashly Burnett grew up in Belleville, Illinois.  Ashly grew up in the dirt community following her father, Darrell Hoffman, racing career.  Her family moved to North Carolina in 2000 to pursue her fathers career in engine building.  Her brother, Nick Hoffman, also moved forward in his racing career after the move to North Carolina.   
Ashly and Jeremy would grow up 30 minutes apart but it wont be until 2004 in North Carolina before their official meeting.  They both wanted careers in racing but never dreamed of a life they built together.  In 2011 Jeremy and two friends signed a lease to Millbridge Speedway to run a limited Mini Outlaw Series.  The three friends decided to part ways in the business leaving Jeremy and Ashly with the track.  2014 brought big changes to the couple.  They welcomed their only child, Mason, into the world and also acquired ownership of Millbridge Speedway.  The track has seen a lot of changes since 2011 with no end in site.  
The Burnetts continue to keep Millbridge Speedway a family owned and family friendly facility.