QRC Karts Speed 51 Open Presented by HMS Information

QRC Karts Speed 51 Open Presented by HMS Information

$15 adult admission each night.  $10 Kids 7-12, Kids 6 and under FREE.  


Below is the schedule of events.  Spectator parking in the normal parking lot will fill up fast so please use the overflow parking lot located EAST of the Speedway (Towards Salisbury).  We will have parking attendants showing you where to go.  Handicap parking will be in the overflow field as well.  It is close to the grandstand entrance.  There is NO parking by the fence in turn 3 like a weekly race.  NO Personal vehicles will be allowed in the pits.


QRC Speed 51 Open Schedule

Tuesday May 21st  

 Gates Open at 3:00pm

Pill Draw will open at 3:30

Drivers Meeting 5:15pm

Open Engine Warmup 5:50

Practice/Qualifying (Beginner, 1k Open, Box Stock)

Open Division Practice (by group)

Opening Ceremonies/Track Prep

Beginner Box Stock Heat Races

Box Stock Heat Races

1k Open Heat Races 8 laps

Box Stock B Main

Beginner Box Stock Feature 15 laps

1k Open B Mains 12 laps

Box Stock A Main (20 Laps)

Open Division Qualifying 10:00 2 groups A and B (2 karts 2 laps)

Track Prep if needed

1k Open A Mains 25 laps

Wednesday May 22nd

Gates open at 3:00pm

Drivers Meeting 6:00

Engine Warm ups 6:15

Intermediate Qualifying 6:45

(6) Open Heat Races 8 laps Top 4 invert (Top 3 to A Main, Top 2 to Pole Shuffle) 7:00

(2) Intermediate Heat Races 8 laps top 4 invert

Opening Ceremonies

(2) Open C Main 10 laps (10 Minutes) (9+ in heats) Top 4 transfer to B Mains

Intermediate B Main 10 laps (10 Minutes)

Open Division Pole Shuffle 2 laps per group (Heat Winners)

 (2) Open B Mains 12 laps (12 minutes) (5-8 in heats) Top 2 Transfer

Intermediate A Main 20 laps (20 Minutes)

Track Prep/Intermission

Open A-Main Driver Intros

Open A Main 51 laps

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