2021 Rule Changes

2021 Rule Changes

2021 Changes

 (All rule changes effective immediately unless noted)

  • Tuesday Night Class lineup. Cadet, Beginner Box Stock, Box Stock and Open
  • Wednesday Night Class lineup. JR Wing, Intermediate, and 600 Micro Sprint
  • Cadet Division will now line up and race just like all other classes. There will be a winner.  But NO points will be kept.  Once a driver wins 2 features with 5 or more karts they must move up to beginner box stock.  Starting in March Cadet teams must follow all beginner box stock rules.  Must have tires in impound and run a sealed Briggs engine.
  • Beginner Box Stock B mains will now transfer to A Main. Format will be just like Box Stock division.
  • Beginner Box Stock weight rule 285lbs
  • Box Stock weight rule 325lbs
  • All classes must utilize a sprint car style rear bumper. No square flat kart bumpers.  Must extend back a minimum of 7” from end of frame rail.  (Bumper design must be approved by track management).


  • Intermediate Class will now follow box stock wing size rules. (20” high, Right board 40” long 14” high. Must be within +/- 2 inches) Measurements include any lip on the side panels. Only 1 bend is allowed. Lips cannot exceed 1 inch.)  No more than 1” of dish in the center section.  Only ½” wicker allowed on center section.  Center section 32” x 35” +/- 2 inches (Goes into effect in March 2021)


  • Open Division 4 stroke 450cc and below powered karts minimum weight 450lbs.


  • NEW CLASS JR Wing.
    • Official rules will be posted on website.
    • Tires will be Treaded Hoosier D-30. Impounded with same rules and Box Stock tires.  No soaking or altering the tire in anyway.  Tire testing will be in place.  Right Rear 11.5×8 D30, LR and RF 11×6.5 D30, LF 11×5.5 D30
    • Engines will be ran on Alcohol. Unsealed Briggs engines with a spec cam, piston, crank and rod. 
    • 7100 rpm Briggs Coil.
    • Box Stock wing rules will apply. Must be flat panel center.  No air foil type wings.  Only ½” wicker allowed on center section.
    • Minimum weight rule 350lbs
    • Minimum age 10 years old. (Unless approved by track management)


  • 600 Micros will follow all the U6SA rules for 2021. Including weight rules.  Non wing will be 775lbs and winged will be 800lbs.
  • Full 2021 rule book will be posted on the website.

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