Carolina Micro Showdown race information

Carolina Micro Showdown race information

November 1-3 2021 

  • Monday November 1st . Non Wing 600 Open Practice 7:00-9:30 pm
    • $20 per car to practice
    • $10 pit pass
    • Rotating practice for Non Wing 600s only.
  • Tuesday November 2nd Non Wing 600 Qualifying Night.
    • Hot Laps start at 6:00pm
    • Qualifying and Heat races.
    • E and F Mains if needed.
  • Wednesday November 3rd Non Wing 600 Finale
    • Hot Laps start at 6:00pm
    • D Mains, C Mains, B Mains Qualifiers and Feature
    • $10,000 to win. $29,800 total purse


  • 600 Non Wing will follow U6SA or A Class engine rules. Both packages must follow the U6SA Rev rule of 16,100.  Each car must have the U6SA tach plug installed for the track to test RPM.
    • U6SA or ASCS2 RR tire mandatory
    • No RR tire treatment
    • U6SA or A class engine rules except for ignition system types.
    • U6SA Rev Limit and charging system rules are still in place
    • Any motorcycle ignition system can be used on any engine
    • PE3 ignition systems is legal

Event Format

 Qualifying in 2 flights (Each Flight will race together all night. Heats, Qualifiers, D, C and B mains) Fast Qualifier gets 200 points, then drops 2 points per position

  • Heat races will be lined up per qualifying with the top 4 inverted. Passing points will apply. Flight 1 make up the first group of heats, Flight 2 last heats
  • The top 20 in points per flight (Qualifying and Heat combined) will lock into the Qualifiers. 21-33 will go to C Mains.  34-46 will go to D mains.
  • If you were in flight 1 you will be in E,D,C,B 1 And Flight 2 will be ,D,C,B 2
  • Qualifiers will lineup per points with the top 4 in each qualifier inverted. Passing Points will apply.
  • Top 8 in combined points will transfer to the A Main.  (Will apply for Flight 1 and Flight 2) Total of 16 cars locked in after Qualifiers.
  • 9-20 will have to run the B main, plus top 4 from C main. Top 4 finishers in each B main will transfer to the A.



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